Master of Science With a Focus in Anesthesia
Application Forms

To apply for a master of science with a focus in anesthesia at MTSA please complete and follow the intructions to submit the following forms: reference form, release form, and background check. Deadline for interview consideration: October 31,2013

Please print 5 reference forms and give to the following people: Download Reference Form (PDF)
1) Current Supervisor
2) Current RN Co-worker
3) Current RN Co-worker
4) Current or Previous RN Co-worker
5) Any Medical Professional Co-worker

MTSA Admissions
ATTN: Pam Nimmo
P.O.Box 417
Madison, TN  37116 

Please Print, Sign and Fax Release Form to Pam Nimmo @ 615-732-7662: Download Release Form (PDF)

Download Instructions for FBI Background Check (PDF)


MTSA Master's Program Admissions Requirements & Checklist

Requirements, Class of 2014–2016: Download Requirements (PDF)

Download Checklist (PDF)

MTSA Master's Program Catalog

Download the 2014 Student Catalog/Handbook (PDF)

News & Events

  • Hulin to Become Next President of MTSA
    Christopher P. Hulin, CRNA, DNP, current Dean/Program Administrator of the Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia (MTSA) will become the fourth President in the 65-year history of the institution.
    Join us for OPEN HOUSE, 2015! Come meet administrators, instructors, staff, alumni, and current students at the annual Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia OPEN HOUSE on Tuesday, June 9.
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