Louisville, Kentucky Alumni Dinner (Photo).

Louisville, Kentucky MTSA Regional Dinner held Oct. 11, 2010 attendees included Brad Humble (’10), Sharonda Lightsy (’09), Brandi Wigginton (’09), Todd Kukuck (’85), Rosie Beery (’09), and Amber Fogarty (’08).

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  • Hulin to Become Next President of MTSA
    Christopher P. Hulin, CRNA, DNP, current Dean/Program Administrator of the Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia (MTSA) will become the fourth President in the 65-year history of the institution.
    Join us for OPEN HOUSE, 2015! Come meet administrators, instructors, staff, alumni, and current students at the annual Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia OPEN HOUSE on Tuesday, June 9.
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