MTSA Honored for Cert Exam Performance



Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia Honored by

Educational Accrediting Agency for

Exceptional Certification Exam Performance


- In 60th year, school graduates 70 members in 2010 class -


Nashville, Tenn.The Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia (MTSA), which has trained certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) since its founding in 1950, has earned recognition from the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs (COA) for its graduates’ outstanding performance on the national certification examination.


For the third consecutive year, MTSA received a letter of commendation from COA, which establishes standards for nurse anesthesia educational programs, complimenting the school’s national certification first-time taker pass rate. This letter recognizes MTSA’s composite score for the past five years of 90%, which exceeds the preferred pass rate of 81% for the same period.


“I’m honored that COA has recognized our graduates’ outstanding national certification examination pass rates,” said Dr. Kenneth Schwab, president of MTSA. “This achievement directly reflects the quality of MTSA’s program and the outstanding effort demonstrated by each and every graduate.”


Students are prepared for the exam during MTSA’s 28-month program, where they undergo rigorous didactic and clinical training and thousands of hours of hands-on experience. Most recently, the school conferred degrees for its 70-member class of 2010.


“This year’s graduating class represents the culmination of more then two years of dedicated training for one of healthcare’s most demanding professions,” said Mary Elizabeth “Ikey” DeVasher, CRNA, PhD, APN, the dean/vice president/program administrator of MTSA. “The graduates have exceeded our expectations and each has proven him or herself qualified to take the CRNA national certification examination so they can provide anesthesia for those in need. We are very proud of this graduating class.”


MTSA graduates continuously exceed national requirements and recommendations beyond the national certification examination. For instance, the class of 2010:

  • Performed an average of 1,056 cases when only 550 are required;
  • Served an average of 2,012 clinical hours when only 850 are recommended;
  • Performed an average of 157 regional anesthesia cases when only 25 are required; and
  • Graduated with an average 3.90 GPA on a 4.0 scale.


About Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia

The Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia provides a Christian, Seventh-day Adventist learning environment that fosters the pursuit of truth, excellence in anesthesia practice, and a life of service, to supply needed anesthesia providers in Nashville, Middle Tennessee, the Central South, and nationally.  A leader in academic and professional excellence, MTSA is responsive to the needs of its constituents, providing affordable graduate education for students from diverse backgrounds.  For more information, visit

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