“MTSA prepared me beyond words for the real anesthesia world!  Now our School is above the rest.  I am proud of my education…”

- Amanda Reffner Bracken (’05) CRNA, MS, APN (Knoxville, TN)


“I have fond memories of my time at Madison Hospital School of Anesthesia.  Ikey, Nelda Faye, Nevin Downs, and Bill Smith – and of course, Mr. Bowen who when he related his experience, it was not only entertaining, but very informative as well.  Everyone was great and I appreciate the preparation I received for my profession.”

 - Ken Hutchinson (’79) CRNA (Jackson, TN)


“Thanks for the chance to obtain such a great education.  It only seems like yesterday I was starting my first day of class.  [Now] look back a year after the program.  I cannot tell you how much God has blessed me!  Thanks for everything and God bless!!

- Aaron Elmore (’08) CRNA, MS, APN (Lebanon, TN)


“Thank you all so much for an excellent education.  I love what I am doing and feel I was very well prepared by all the instructors at MTSA.”

- Rhonda Pursley (’07) CRNA, MS, APN (Gallatin, TN)


“I have never felt such an overwhelming sense of gratitude as the first day I was driving to my job as a new CRNA.  Thank you so much for that opportunity.  I am now enjoying a wonderful and fulfilling career.”

- Tammy Kellogg (‘03) CRNA, MS, APN (Crossville, TN)


“Thanks for everything.  I feel that MTSA is the absolute best in nurse anesthesia.”

- Rob Rogers (’03) CRNA, MS, APN (Tupelo, MS)

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